Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joys of the Season!

Goodness! I hadn't meant to be away for so long. My part time job at the college went from nearly laid off to full time-at which point I was too tired to do much computer-wise after coming home. Decorating still needs to be done-and I'm arranging carols for baritone ukulele.    
   Unexpected surprise-thumbpicks are now a hot seller in the store-I have nearly sold out at this point and I need to place another order. Weather here has been a mix of near 80's with cool cloudy days and forecasts of rain for later in the week. 
    I love this time of year and a full moon on the Winter Solstice will make this a most magical time indeed! I'm buying more LED lights to make my celebrating more green-I picked up a new strand at Big Lots! last night to go around the frontroom window. 
    The economy has reminded me of how much we equate the joy of this holiday with how much we have to spend on things-and with so many of us on a tighter budget than last year (myself included) I had to readjust my thinking into what really brings joy at this time. Dad will be getting fewer gifts this year but the real joy is being together-decorating the tree,the twinkling lights,the music,and for me,the special enchanted feeling and the return of the sun and longer days-tho I am a "Holly King Girl" I have come to love springtime. 
     Another unexpected seller has been crocheted fingerless gloves that I've been making. I hadn't crocheted in ages- but I stumbled upon two easy patterns that have done well. 
     I made my trip to Hallmark & got a card or two,in addition to "splurging" on a beautiful small stained glass suncatcher of a pointsettia surrounded by ribbon,pine,and holly. It's up in the window of my room & adds a festive touch.

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