Sunday, March 14, 2010

Plane to see

One of my Dads friends who I've talked to on occasion but had yet to see in person finally had a free morning so we all set up a meeting place at an airline history museum near LAX. It's a fun place that make me with I could've been taking trips in the 30's & 40's-the stewardess uniforms looked classier,you got a real meal on your flight,and everything just seemed nicer. No hectic check ins,no worries about your flight having a bozo on board. I was born at the beginning of the jet age and missed the "golden era" of flight,tho I do miss not being able to take a trip on a DC-10 anymore. Don't ask me why,but they were my fave plane to fly on growing up. it made for an interesting end of the week.
My bargain violin arrived and the only bummer is I do need to take it in to be worked on-the seller wasn't exactly what I'd call "up front" a bridge came with it alright,but it's a blank,meaning a luthier needs to custom fit it to the instrument. A different chinrest came along with it too-the pic of the instrument showed one already on. My hopes of restringing & playing came to a halt there,but I have found a local luthier that will get it into playing shape. It's bigger than I thought it would be-amazing how an inch or so makes such a difference-I think this will be as big as I go. Glad I listened to my instincts & didn't go full size. So now I'm awaiting a new set of strings so I won't be charged for any materials & hopefully $30 will do it. Hoping to take it in next week sometime. But I have been humidifying the newest member of the family like crazy-amazing how fiddles are like plants-they need moisture!
The store will be in an article in an upcoming online magazine as it is a member of a co-op of farmgirls who have their own businesses. Looking forward to seeing it & sharing with you!

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