Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring is in the air-despite my not seeing my first robin yet,I'm feeling the energies shift from the laid back,cozy up vibe of winter to the intense "get out there & do something!" of the coming season. So with the help of mother nature bringing rains to my area,I have been weeding out the flowerbeds (long overdue!) and planning the planting of annuals,pansies and petunias becoming fast favorites. Cosmos seeds have been planted in pots,and the daisies I purchased from the "last chance"discount rack at my local Lowes last autumn are making an effort to blossom. What amazes me with myself is how I initially have to really make myself go out into the garden to do anything-then once outside,even in weeding & doing the tasks often considered to be "not fun" I enjoy myself. My mind gets to wander while I do the task in front of me,as I ponder next steps for the store,creative projects I want to do,or mull over a chapter of a book I've read.
The apricot tree is blooming once more-no leaves as yet,but those beautiful little blossoms are telling me there will be another year of a booming harvest in early summer.
My fiddle playing is improving and I'm thinking I can handle a full size after all so I'm window shopping-and I just received a book on Irish tunes that is I think out of print-much bigger than I thought & loaded with new tunes to explore on mandolin as well as fiddle . I'm wanting to bring the front porch in order so I can sit outside & play on a delightful looking porch-right now it's messy,and I'm clearing out the junk that has gathered there over winter. I'm enjoying spring more & more each year!

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