Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Showers,& Giveaways for Simplifying

I'm still on course to simplify my life. And I'm amazed at how much stuff I've accumulated over the past several years. Things that I swore I'd fix up,use,or get into. Well,thanks in part to some of the Farmgirls who are also thinning out the excess,I've gotten back on track and am giving away patterns here & there to those who want them.
Also putting things up for bid that I never did anything with. A small restart,but it feels great. While I wouldn't say I'm a hoarder,I do have a tendency to be a packrat. (OMG am I mincing words??? *Giggles*) I've also discovered healthy new ways to make sure that anything else I bring home is something I'll want or use-this only works with online auctions but I thought I'd share here. I think the watchlist on any auction site is a wonderful gift. Why? Because it lets you look,look again,and question "do I really want/need that?" Shockingly enough for me,about 98% of the time it's a no,and I delete it off the list. A tiny percent of the time the item goes beyond what it's worth to me. And then there's the times I honestly forget about it & it's over. Which tells me I wasn't interested. This also enables me to get the item I really do want if I spy one. Things I've learned: don't get it just because it's going for waaay less than it's true value........unless you truly want it. Somehow I think this has become a way for a lot of us to feel like we have more than we do in these financially challenging times.
Showers & cool temps continue to bless the area. First time we've had an actual spring in years. Last year this time we were thrown into a terrible summer scorcher & I hid in the house as much as possible until the coolness of Fall came back.
Remember that space for a room to "breathe" in is indeed a valuable and cherished thing to have-so is being able to get to your closet in your bedroom without moving a single item out of the way. :-)

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