Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ukulele Gigbags A Success!

That's my personal ukulele gigbag you see there-I used a western themed fabric for the lining as well as a tribute to Grandma Ruthie who was an old time country singer & guitarist-who also played banjo-uke. I'm also making these in various colors & prints & you can see one up for bid here
It's exciting to finally have the pattern & know how to do this myself! I'm planning on making some with crazy quilt fronts,as well as Christmas ones-perfect for giving a gift uke in & using every year for caroling. Knowing me, I'll also make a Fall,Halloween,Yule, & Winter themed ones for myself. Fully padded,velcro closures,just wonderful & so much better than those cheesy black ones!
And-in the luthiery dept.,I finally got up the nerve to work on my own fiddle-I had done a BIN on ebay for a 7/8 fiddle (just under full size,also known as a "ladies violin") and it came with a blank bridge. Well,I invested in a precut or ready made bridge & put it on myself,restrung it and placed a different chinrest on it that suited me better than the one that came with it. It sounds wonderful & is easy to play. I was shocked I could do a "d" scale so readily as the neck is bigger than my 1st fiddle,a 3/4 size. I was playing "joy to the world" on it this morn using clothespins as a mute!
If that wasn't enough,I had also won a vintage Hilo uke that needed new tuners. I got em in the mail yesterday,placed new strings on it & it's the sweetest sounding uke I've ever played. Action is fantastic,nice slender neck,mother of pearl dot inlays,whoever got this new probably paid good money (for the time) for it. While it sports it's fair share of little dings & scratches,it's a gem.
Went to Michaels today as I printed a 20% off your entire purchase coupon & got batting & some notions for more gigbags. I love Michaels,but I really miss the old time "mom & pop" craft stores that used to be all over the south bay here. Each one was very unique and had it's own style. I really miss the old time fabric stores like "Cloth World" in which you could get lost in the vast array of fabric to be had. So now to the ironing board I go to make more wares to place up for bid!

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