Monday, July 26, 2010

Opened Etsy Store for Handcrafted Wares!

        For whatever reason,the Gigulele Bags & Strap Pals™,fiddle cloths,fiddle flyers,& pick pouches I make just don't move on eBay. I have no idea why,I sell the uke gig bags fine in person,but put em on eBay & I get lookers & nothing else. What to do? I  decided to place them in a handcrafted friendly environment on Etsy & see how it goes. I'll be placing the embellished violin tailpieces there too,in addition to hair bands. Here's an environmental/go green soprano Gigulele Bag™ I have up on Etsy as of this writing:
    If any of my readers are interested,please click on the Etsy widget I placed to the left side of the page,or visit my Etsy store   where you'll see more ukulele gigbags made with Hawaiian prints,froggies,and more! They are lightly padded,and while not of the caliber you'd use to throw in the cargo hold of a jet,they are simply divine for taking around town,to a jam,to a lesson,music fests,and so on.                 

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