Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank You's Mean So Much....

     As many of you know, I work a part time job at a college. Every so often I get to play receptionist/help desk sort of thing. A student had called in the morning,and I did what I could to help her out on the phone. She asks me if I ever shop at Costco & tells me she's bringing me flowers. I tell her she doesn't need to do that,I'm just "doin my job" and she insists. I'm imagining a cute cut bouquet. She arrives an hour later with this drop dead gorgeous orchid plant! It's over 2 ft in height,planted in a narrow tall ceramic pot. (and in my fave color!)
    While I simply work the part time gig to support the budding biz & pay for my own medical insurance,it is for the most part a pretty thankless place to work. Only time you get attention as a cashier is when you don't balance,and when you balance 99.9% of the time not a word is said. But that's not why I'm writing this entry. 
    I can't tell you how good receiving this gift made me feel. To know someone out there appreciates the good you do,that you made a positive change in their lives,is just awesome. It's why we're here on this planet at this time. To help & nurture others in our own unique way. To connect with each other in the great "web of lights" & keep the light show going & make it brighter! And if you've ever been in a really dark place in your life & emerged back into the sunlight,you're even better equipped to help those who are in their own "dark spot" because you've been there & have a good idea of what it's like.
    Personal project wise,I obtained a 6 string concert uke in an online auction for $5.00 as it was labeled as a miniature guitar. I need to get a saddle for it-but have the strings on & hoping it'll sound decent when it's done. Unusual that it has a tailpiece. No brand name or anything like that. 
    I'm back to making ukulele gig bags to sell again and am going to be changing the design a bit-I'm going to be including a loop in the back so you can hang the bag on the wall with the ukulele inside. That idea occured to me yesterday as I'm making a custom order for a woman using a surfer/Hawaiian print. In the meantime I'm keeping one I had made previously for me as my old Hilo needs a bag. It's got comical kitties on the fabric. I also made a pattern for the concert size uke & need to make one to see how it turns out. 
    Fiddle playing wise I picked it up after about a week of now sawing and was pleased that I can now play "Mary Had a Lil Lamb" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star",making it not only recognizable but meaning I've learned my D & A scale. (DNA scale?) *laughs*  Not that I'll get any requests for those hot tunes,but it does mean I'm progressing. And that's what counts.

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