Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 4th-Take Liberties This Weekend!

      In a good way, of course! 
Start learning that song you've been meaning to work on or take up re-learning that instrument you've been wanting to play but putting off cause "duty is calling". Our ancestors & founding Fathers & Mothers sacrificed an awful lot just so we can sit on our behinds & surf the web & Tweet. Perhaps you've been wanting to start knitting a project or finish sewing that garment you started months ago. Well guess what-it's time to start taking liberties & get to it! 
      I've been expanding the stock at Mandolin Babe's & have added some flatpicking books,basic mando books,and have gotten more children's books in for banjo,mandolin,& fiddle. I still need to make a pattern for a banjo cradle strap (should I make that my liberty this weekend??) and I've made a gig bag pattern for a concert size ukulele. 
     Reading wise I'm into "The Handmade Marketplace: How to sell crafts locally,globally, & Online" by Kari Chapin. One of the best books on the topic I've read so far. She really gets into the details in an easy way that doesn't make you feel weighed down. I got the book as what handcrafted items I sell gets accolades from who ever buys them,but the prob is they sell so slowly. I want to find out what it is that I need to improve on in the promotion dept.! 
     Wanting to wish all my readers a warm,safe,& Happy 4th. Celebrate!

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