Friday, November 12, 2010

Knittin Needles are Clickin,Fiddlin,and Carols!

The knitting bug hit me full force recently,and of course this is helping me unclutter by using up some of the yarn that I have in a big bag in my room. Found this pattern for what is called a "scarflette" and it gave me a good reason to use my big vintage buttons that I've been wondering what on earth to do with. More scarflettes are coming. Not to mention cowls. I'm knitting my 3rd one,in earth tones. 
      My fiddling needs tending to-yet I've been arranging carols for Baritone uke as well as 6 string banjo. Been writing them down in tablature. The Bodhran I have has the new drum head halfway on-the brackets are giving me a problem. So a bit at a time,I hope to have a working drum. My part time job has slowed down to being as close to unemployed as I can get without actually being there-well I'll never be there as I have Mandolin Babe's,and sales are perking up. Having a run on fiddle strings lately!

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