Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Thoughts The Morning After

For the first time in many years,I got a bigger pumpkin due to the fact there were no smaller ones left,and for whatever reason this year was in many ways,a last minute preparation. My only slight disappointment was Michaels was completely our of pumpkin scented candles,but I filled the house with the scent of pumpkin bread-I baked 3 loaves,and then turned my attention to baking my first ever butternut squash. Thank goodness for free recipes on the web! Turns out this squash will be finding it's way to my dinner table again. The pic of the jack o lantern is the one I carved for last night. I used a free to print template of a bat,and traced a small circle using a spice jar for a full moon. All in all I think it turned out great! 
   As I sat watching the Sunday night game & hearing the kids outside on their trick or treat,I pondered inwardly about what makes this time so magical to me. I believe it's one of the few holidays we have that embraces mystery,a glimpse of the unknown,and acknowledging that there is indeed "something else" out there that we can't see,but can sense. I always make a food & candle offering to my ancestors with thanks for looking over my shoulder & being there when needed. Last night was an offering of a piece of cornbread with a candle. (This practice goes waaay back into my Celtic ancestry). So it was a quiet evening all in all. Only thing that went bump in the night was a pair of opposums in the driveway that woke me up hissing at one another & climbing around. 

The store now has fiddle rosin in stock (light) and I've been making flannel bags to store them in using flannel,some upcycled from pajamas like the one above. I used a vintage decorative button and ta-dah! A useful high quality & attractive item that won't end up in a landfill somewhere. 
    I've also knitted some rosin bags and will post pics of those soon. Seems bloggers photo upload just went wonky.


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