Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Clean Slate-January is Here!

That's a pic to the newest member of the family-a Christmas gift from Dad-an Ovation Acoustic/Electric mandolin! Whooo Hooo! And this new instrument has really gotten me to want to reinvent myself in different ways. I've come to realise I don't work on certain things I love as much as I should-over the past year,I'd say if I practiced mando twice a week I'd be doing good. More often than not it's once a week,and I want that to change. Excuses are so easy-and I don't know why I would be making excuses about not doing something I love. It's usually I need to be doing _____now & I'll practice later. (that means 9 times out of 10 I won't be playing but going to bed instead) I think a lot of this programming came from my mom & my crazy making ex. I'm also wondering if I'm afraid of musical success. I mean-if I get a good amount of tunes down,well goodness-I could be recording my own stuff online & you'd be hearing it! Gadzooks!
TV is another downfall. I have a love/hate relationship with every new TV season. I love when the season ends in a sense as I'm no longer servant to my fave TV shows-Navy CIS,Heroes,NFL games,Criminal Minds,it can all go by the wayside as I busy myself with other projects. So with this new slate I've decided I want to practice -er -play mando at least 3x a week,and get ukulele in as well. So here's to a fresh start!

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