Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fiddlin Around the House-Literally!

I've threatened to do this for years. Always loved the sound of violins and fiddles. My Dad was forced to play one in childhood-and promptly gave it up once he moved out on his own. My interest was started as a kid and I remember asking my mom once about learning to play one.
She was a wierd parent-she gave the classic reaction reserved for parents whose child asks for an electric guitar or announces they want to start a punk rock band. I was persuaded into playing acoustic guitar instead-which I also had an interest in and don't regret learning to play. Upon arriving into my 40's I decided I'd start picking up interests that were put off by over influencing others. (and I take my part of the blame in that) I had developed a hankering to learn mandolin in the 90's but my then hubby would have none of it. some years later after divorcing & arriving back home,I picked one up off ebay-a Kentucky. I didn't know they needed to be set up and due to fret buzzes & not being able to fix it,4 long years later for my bday I had it set up-and I'm playing!
But the interest in fiddle wouldn't leave,no matter how many times I told myself I couldn't keep aquiring instruments to learn-I had enough, $$ would be wiser spent somewhere else,etc. that little urging grew until this year I finally succumbed to the calling.
I came to realise that to live life you need to do as many things as you desire as you possibly can,as long as it doesn't harm anyone else,and you're physically able to do it. I didn't want to turn 80 & say "why didn't I do that?"
I went shopping on Goodwill auctions,and found this one-wound up paying $39 for it. Needs new strings and rosin.(which are in transit as I write) While waiting I decided to start cleaning it up & treating it to a good healthy fingerboard treatment and daily rounds of polishing-the polish having oils in it which the wood has been slowly drinking in-and the wood is looking slightly richer everyday.
I've also been pouring good vibes into it-and at the risk of sounding overly mystical I do believe the vibes you put into an object changes that object-blessing it in a sense.
They've proven this in the lab by having people concentrate and sending thoughts into water,the molecular structure of the water is changed permanently. Think about that-it's now scientifically proven that your projected thoughts do indeed affect things!
So with "How to play" books on the way,I patiently wait,tend the garden,and continue to nurture my new found friend.

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