Friday, January 15, 2010

Tin Whistle Cases & Lost Connections Found

As some of you know,I like to work with yarn-knitting,crocheting,and weaving-I have a small backstrap loom that I got away from over the summer & have "rediscovered". At any rate,I found it makes a simply splendid case for an Irish Tin Whistle. Lo and behold I got my 1st order to make one for an "A" or low tin whistle (these are bigger than the typical-and a lot more pricey) So I'll be starting that tomorrow. I'm pleased the first one I did came out so well. That's a pic of it up at the top there. Even put a small loop on the back so you can carry it on one of those metal thingys peeps use for their keys & whatnot. (I have a tin whistle and just need to learn to play it :-) ) Did a stop at Michaels today & was taken in by yarn,yarn,and more yarn! I have to applaud my self control-I only got 3 skeins. One for a hand knit washcloth (sugar & cream brand is perfect for that 100% cotton!) and two others to weave cases out of. Went with a green varigated (Irish,you know!) and a blue "Tye Dye". We'll see how it all pans out.
Dads cataract procedure is this monday,and with my novice driving skills not where I want them to be for heavy rain,a friend of the family will be taking us,which is a huge relief. I love my Rio,but it has a habit of hydroplaning in a light rain,(this happened while I was driving-I thought the car was possessed or something) so I feel much better that she'll be sitting home while I'm in more of a sure footed car. I can't wait to see how improved Dads vision will be-this has been a long source of frustration for him,and after rescheduling twice,it's nice to know it's finally going to happen.
Last but certainly not least.....a co worker from my past found me on Facebook! it was good to catch up with her (it's been 9 or more years,I believe) Found out we've been through some pretty tough times and I believe we've both come out of them as more mature & improved people. It was wonderful to hear from her. It was a shock to see her daughter all grown up! (and beautiful,I might add) Funny how years fly by & you really don't really realise until you see someone that was in grade school last time you saw them. I feel old now :-) .

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