Saturday, December 5, 2009

Carol of the Bells....

The picture of the "door bells" you see there has been in my family since the early 1970's. The bows you see on them aren't original-they were originally done up with fake berries,gaudy paper gold leaves and a couple of pine cones. As much as I loved it,it had really gotten to look shoddy even tho my mom had redone it at some point-the pinecone in the center was her addition. It came off a tree that was in the front yard of a house we rented in the late 70's. I believe the bells were purchased at Stats in the beach area-a very "in" crafts store during that time-sort of like Michaels is now. At any rate-after Yule last year I had purchased the ribbon at Michaels after the holiday with the intention of refurbishing the bells with new bric a brac early this year-I even kept the bells down in my sewing area. Well,this week I finally got to it & added the home made bows with vintage button accents. Glue guns are wonderful! The bells are now hanging on the inside of the front door-hearing them when the door opens & closes brings back a lot of good holiday memories. While I have tossed or donated a lot of the older ornaments to simplify things,I couldn't part with these.
The annual Holiday letter is done-I just need to figure how many copies to print & in the cards they go! I really enjoy doing it and wish more people did-it's a great way of catching everyone up on what's been going on in the past year.
The hunt is still on for the outdoor holiday lights. The attic really needs to be organized! If all else fails,Big Lots isn't far from here and I'm wanting to convert to LEDs to be more green.