Sunday, April 1, 2012

Treasures Found Online

     I've been looking online for old looking decor for the cottage and found this!
  Perfect as I play all 3 instruments. I need t  get some hanging wire & rings so it can go up on the wall. I love the look of long ago that it has! 
  And in the cowgirl cookin dept I found a used copy of this:
   The cover is made to look stained-it's in very good condition-and what a joy to read-not overly huge,filled with stories of cowgirls from long ago,and of course,easy to make recipes-from main dishes to desserts,to breakfast & lunch. None of the recipes demand a lot of ingredients,so it's all easy to make-and I have my eye on a couple of recipes I want to try. Good amount of cowgirl wisdom & humor in here too. A great first cookbook to give as a gift. 
     We've been having a good amount of rain & wind while the midwest is getting California weather. Shocking that last year this time we were in the low 90's,according to the weather report. I don't remember it being that hot last year here. Hmmm. I must be getting older!
      The onions I planted are continuing to grow-as I have them in small pots I put them on our covered front porch for the rain storms-I didn't want them being washed away.
      Banjo is coming along and it was a pleasant surprise last night to find myself playing a decent version of "Bile Them Cabbage Down". My right hand is getting the hang of some of the patterns it needs to pick. In an odd way,banjo pickin is a lot like classical guitar. I love Wayne Erbsen's books. After I get the basics under my belt,I want to to learn melodic style banjo.