Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back! Unintended Hiatus

        I'm back,tho I never intended to leave this particular blog for as long as I did. Worries overcame me,esp about money. I got pretty sick with whatever virus was going around in mid January and it lasted a few weeks. Then my Dad got it from me. My part time job has dwindled to 2 days a month,despite education being in such high demand. The music store has been slow. While all this has been going on I have been reading Dr Wayne Dyer's books-and the latest I am reading is "Excuses Begone!" which is a wonderful read.On top of that I finally picked up the copy of Deepok Chopras 7 Spiritual Laws to Success" that I purchased at a yard sale over two years ago. It all made sense thanks to my learning Japa meditation and having "Manifest Your Destiny" another Dr Dyer book,already in my head as I had also read that. I firmly believe that following the books' advice and using Japa meditation had activated events,like leading me to a wonderful ukulele supplier,getting a much brighter outlook on things,and going with the flow instead of complaining,even if only inwardly. The ukes are selling well and I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
         My farmgirl activities are moving along-I've been clearing the front flowerbeds & weeding the ones in the backyard-I have bell peppers,(red ones!) tomatoes,and crook neck & zucchini squash to plant. I'm also designing a ukulele gig bag for tenor/concert size ukes.
          I have found a new joy in everyday life that I've not felt in years...and the past 9 years since I came home to California have been a blur. The NM move is off,at least for a few more years as we're renting the house instead of moving there. Somehow I am at peace with all this.
          My only concerns now are for what is happening in Japan,for the people,the environment and for the Pacific ocean & it's habitat with all the radiation being dumped in. I have donated what I can so far to help the people of Japan.