Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name....

      This rose really surprised me. I picked up 4 bare root roses at my local Big Lots,who had discounted them an additional $ just to move them out. The bag showed a deep red,but this is just absolutely delightful. I've never seen a rose this color,and all for $2 something! 
       I've started up the 6 string Banjo Blog again-tho I have an itching to get a banjolin or a tenor banjo,I keep getting outbid on any that I'm eyeballing,& I'm gettin the clue to stick with what I have. So I've been playing the 6 string and it's great because now I feel like my guitar playing skills aren't going to waste. I should write a book on tips for beginners for it. 
      Summer has finally arrived at the cottage-not too sure I'm happy with the heat aspect of it-I love the flowers blooming,seeing the carpenter bees,honey bees & dragonflies but if we could just turn the temp down 8 degrees or so it'd be perfect! 
      I've been winning more antique musician photos for the store. At wonderful prices. I'm still tweaking the Prostore that I now have. It takes a lot of effort,but it's a gorgeous storefront. 
  Here's my latest "for me" project:a violin case for my fiddle. Needs a lot of work,but what a win at $9.99 + shipping! Found out thru an antique dealer on Twitter, @OldMotherRiley, that it's a good bet it's 19th century. Made in England. Here's a pic of the inside that I need to redo:
  It'll fit my 7/8 very nice & snug when I'm done. Want to put a little compartment for rosin & a cleaning cloth in as well. 

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