Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Lammas!

    My favorite time of the year has arrived....starting today,we have Lammas,the first of 3 harvest festivals. Autumn is near,veggies are harvested,magazines abound with fall & Halloween decor. Soon I'll be burning pumpkin & candy corn scented candles & loving the color orange. Tho this is the first time in many years I actually am kinda bummed at the near end of summer. It's been a mellow one here at the cottage so far,and it's been relaxing for the most part. I gotta find those mini pumpkin seeds & plant them. 
       My birthday is also this month and as an early gift,my Father got me a baritone uke! I'd been wanting one for quite awhile,and I absolutely love it. Very mellow tone,sweet,soft,great for medieval & ren tunes as well as Irish. 
      It's a Savannah brand. I'm getting a strap for it too,from Uke Star Straps!
Other things going on are the forming of an Etsy team for those of us who make musical instrument accessories or instruments,and realising I need to work on my prostores & do some needed tweaking there. I also joined Amplify to work my social networking in a more in depth way as well as being more efficient. Oh! I'm moving some of my musical interest pages to Squidoo. I even started a baritone ukulele page and I need to tweak the soprano uke one I have there. I'm probably moving the banjitar page there as well,but am keeping this blog right where it is. 

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