Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going to be livin the Farm/Cowgirl Life in NM!

Dad & I have been wanting to move out of Southern Ca ever since we went to NM and just fell in love with the place-it's not called "The Land of Enchantment" for nothin! We saw a wonderful piece of property that had been foreclosed on in Southern NM with a lot of land,and after working with a most wonderful realtor,the place is ours! Plans are to move in about 2 years-we have a lot of simplifying to do here before going over to the new place. I can live the Farmgirl way at long last. Of course,there'll be some adjustments to be made-I've never dealt with having ones own well,propane tank or septic tank in my entire life. A gas fireplace,a wonderful view,fresh air,and I'll be able to have chickens at long last-I can gather my own eggs instead of wondering if the store bought ones are safe. 
    So now I'm working the biz more than ever-I'd like to be fully self employed by the time the move happens. I'll be able to rehair bows,refurbish fiddles,and not hear helicopters every night or wild partying every other night. 
     I'm greatful to the Earth Mother for all of this!

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