Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've Become a Fiddler!

Well,I'm actually following my "what I want to learn" list-and after refurbishing my fiddle,restringing it,and dippin the bow into rosin for the 1st time,I set about seeing what I sound like.
Honestly,for a beginner,not bad-not anywhere close to performance or recording level,but I was playing most of "Joy To The World" within 20 min of starting to play. I was tryin to get "Oh Those Britches Full of Stitches" to come out,(I play it frequently on mandolin) but that's a little beyond me right now.
So I'm working out of my "Fiddle for Ignoramous'" book and my bowing needs more working with. But that's ok. I'm really feeling accomplished that I took a $39 fiddle and made it come alive-a decent student model that some of my fellow Tweeters were having cows over.
Common beliefs are "if the fiddle is too cheap,it's bad news" If I was in a music store,I'd agree but the auction site I shop on has no idea most the time about what they've got. Or maybe they simply don't care & want the stuff gone.
I've fallen in love with refurbishing fiddles! I've already bid on another one-mainly I'm after the case for the one I'm playing now,but it happens to contain a fiddle needin some TLC & replacement parts. I've ordered a book or two on fiddle repair.
Playing wise I've ordered a mute so I can play at night or early in the morn-maybe in the kitchen as not to wake the family or annoy the cats.

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