Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fiddlin,Superbowl and Sewing

I always enjoy making items that are useful for musicians,& I'm acting today on an idea that cropped into my head last week sometime. Fiddlers always need to wipe the instrument & bow down after playing as the rosin dust that flies off the bow can damage the varnish of both if left to rest on the instrument. However,I've noticed my commercially made cloths are feelin very grungy and look boring & dirty. However,they're not machine washable. Where's the sense in that? So today before the Superbowl I'll cut out a template and sew some. I've got some lovely cotton prints that'll do the trick.
My fiddle is completely restrung and I have the luxury of having two different types of rosin. My fiddle library is growing as I absorb tips for beginners. I'm hoping the fixer upper I got off Goodwill Auctions comes tomorrow-she looks lovely in the pic and I can put my budding luthier skills to work,not to mention I'll have a decent case for the one I'm learning with now.
I'm for the Saints today-really hoping they'll win the game and have their 1st Superbowl win. Then I get to deal with my annual case of football withdrawl.......and remember what I do during the off season,then become grateful for all the seemingly extra time on weekends!

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