Sunday, February 21, 2010

Old Treasures & Fiddle Work Continues

I spotted this on Ebay & couldn't resist! It's an old 8x10,and her name is/was Gina- it's written in pencil on the back. The seller was at an estate sale & picked it up-while I'm glad to have it,it saddens me for her living relatives that they'll never get to have this in their family. I'll be buying a frame with UV glass so the daylight doesn't do damage to the photo. I'm wondering what decade this was taken in. She sure has a pretty inlaid tailpiece on her fiddle-wonder where that went off to? She certainly looks spunky.
Speaking of fiddles,I worked on my project fiddle yesterday-my Dad showing me how to gently scrape the overly thick coating off the fingerboard. Here's what it looks like as of this moment:

I don't mind telling you this is messy work and I've already cut out pattern pieces for an apron-my 1st apron,which will be my "fiddle fixin" apron. I need to sand the white milky stuff off & have ordered a stencil or two for the widest point of the fingerboard. Good thing I did the scraping outside!
And yes,there will be a 2nd cookin apron on the way once the other one is done. Luckily,I have a simple pattern & lots of fabric.
The weather has held beautifully-very little rain,partly cloudy skies,and the birds are singing like crazy in the mornings. No robin spotting yet.

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Denise said...

Miss Gina looks to be from the 1910-1920 era by her hairstyle and dress. I often see pics like this and wonder why the family didnt want it. Too bad there isnt a last name you might be able to find info on her. Nice work on the fiddle by the way! Cant wait to see it when it is done.