Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Luthier Project Arrives!

And isn't she a beauty? Another win from an auction site that has the $$ go to charity. This one came in a beautiful case-and obviously needs parts,which I'm shopping for now. I want to take the rest of the finish off the fingerboard-the natural wood looks much more beautiful than the overly thick "traditional" finish it's sporting now. And I won a how to repair violins DVD to boot so I'm waiting for that to arrive. This will be my "performance" fiddle. You wouldn't believe the size of the box it came in-it was so big & boxy I thought I was receiving the wrong item at first-it could've held a decent sized A/C unit it was so big-and I had to go thru a ton of styrofoam peanuts just to find it. Luckily for me,the sound post is in place. I've been treating it with a humidifier so the wood is nice & plump for when I start working on it. Needless to say,I'm anxious to hear what she sounds like.
It's feeling like spring-and the apricot tree in the back is beginning to bloom already-hoping I don't lose blossoms in the predicted rain for this Saturday. I haven't seen my first robin yet tho!
If that wasn't enough,I received my sample issue of "Fiddler Magazine" yesterday and it's wonderful-definately subscribing with the next issue-has article s for players & luthiers alike. SO I'm reading away,and continuing to study my mandolin & fiddle.

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