Saturday, February 13, 2010

Makin Yo-Yos.....Becomes Fiddle Fashion!

Honestly folks,I don't know where these ideas come from. It's like the Universe just plops em in my head,making sure I have the tools I need first-even if it means I buy sewing tools for no apparent reason!
For instance-last year I got a bee in my bonnet and simply had to have a set of circle templates. I had no idea what they were for aside from cutting circles out of fabric. Into the sewing box they went,and stayed there for months.
Some time later I got a copy of "Mary Jane's Stitching Room" on sale & was leafing thru when I spied the chapter on yo yo making. An "Ah-ha!" flashed thru my mind as I thought of those circle templates immediately.
I've been wanting to gussy up my fiddle-mandolinists,guitarists,banjo players,etc get to do that by using different colorful straps. Needless to say fiddlers don't use straps,and the only decorating that I could do in my opinion was on the headstock,on the scroll,and make sure there was nothing used that would scratch. So I came up with 2 different sizes for 3/4 size & under (in the picture above) and a larger size for those playing full size. I'm wondering if other "fiddle chicks" would want these on their fiddles,or am I just wierd?

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