Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March comes in like a lion-sorta!

We've had March rains and lately we're getting very heavy winds blustering their way thru the valley,causing some pretty sleepless nights as it whooshes against gates,knocks over cans & bric a brac,and then howls in delight! The photo at the top is of the apricot blossoms on my tree-we'll see how many are left after the winds & rain are done.
Other adventures this month have consisted of the Universe dropping what I'm wishing for in my lap-I've been hunting for either a 7/8 or 4/4 violin-unsure if I can handle the full size,I was watching auctions on different sites-and for the first few weeks it was discouraging-I'd see a beauty right in my price range till the auction closed in on it's ending-and then would shoot up to $200-$300 winning bid. However,I also knew that these instruments weren't for me. And I kept looking-remembering to be patient.
Well on eBay I spied a new 7/8 fiddle,never played, "new old stock" as they call it,up for a BIN of $30. I looked at it suspiciously-and hesitated-and after about an hour I realised the Universe was handing my a deal & here I am just going-"should I?" So I went ahead & got it tho I hadn't heard from the seller (I just emailed him with questions) I did hear from the seller & my fears were put to rest-the bridge was there with it tho not put on it,no cracks,and soundpost is in place. Huzzah!
I'm now bidding on an old case that needs fixin up as it doesn't come with one-If I win it,I'll be taking you on my journey of refurbishing that in a most Farmgirl way!

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Unknown said...

Hey Sherrie! Congrats on the fiddle find! That's pretty exciting. We have a shortage of fiddlers in our area, so as soon as you get it all set up and "learnt" why don't you move to Michigan and bless us with some hot bluegrass fiddling? You'd be very popular. I'm eager to see pics of the case refurb too.

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