Friday, March 19, 2010

Unexpected Junkin!

Who'd a thought that on a Wed afternoon one would find a big "Estate Sale" banner on a house? Not me-until running by one while doing errands with my Dad. It was later in the afternoon,they were closin up for the day but I did spy the mold you see in the pic above and I couldn't resist. So that was nabbed along with a pile of classical guitar books-some for me & some to sell,Dad found some Japanese art,and we came home. However-I spied a double boiler pan I wished I'd grabbed and Dad was regretting he didn't grab the 2nd piece of art that went with the 1st piece of Japanese art. We decided to go back this morning. I read the article in Mary Janes Farm mag on double boiler pans & really wanted it-so after a visit to an ATM,back we went. And I found more goodies like this cat bed (just the wicker basket-I added my cats bedding after a cleaning with Murphys oil soap) (See below)

Well thankfully they did have the double boiler pan set-it was still there- a Pyrex "Flamewear" set.
I just discovered you can do scrambled eggs in them! Even the handles are glass.
Other little goodies I picked up were a glass butter dish and a totes umbrella so I have a rainy day and summer heat umbrella. Dad did get the other piece of Japanese art-it's a mask set mounted on wood. Makes me realise how much I miss not gettin out there & bargain hunting.

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Gail said...

Nice find. My daughter has been looking for one of those double boiler glass pans for quite some time. Not so easy to come by around here.