Monday, July 12, 2010

Freaky Mist,July Shower,and Redesigned Uke Gig Bag

   This past Saturday we had increasing clouds-the type of clouds I would see gathering when I lived in TX many years ago which always meant a sudden strong shower. Well guess what-we had a sudden shower that lasted for about 15 min or so. I was watching my every Saturday "Celebrity Ghost Stories" and when I looked outside I saw this low lying mist rising from our street. I went outside & it was the entire street with this low lying,wandering,floating mist. So I grabbed my camera & started shooting. (One bright neighbor thought it was from a neighbors bar b que)
   It was delightfully mysterious in appearance and danced with the slightest breeze. How ghosty is that??
           Aside from freaky weather patterns,at the suggestion of a co-worker & ukulele player,I redesigned my ukulele gig bag pattern and it's turned out to be much better. Less pieces to cut out,you carry it over your shoulder,and it has a good strong velcro closure. And I've given in to Hawaiian prints. Personally I don't care for them, but this woman insisted it had to be "that print" and I'm wondering if that's why I hadn't been able to sell any except to her. 
          My orchid continues to thrive and I'm getting the "Orchids for Dummies" book. So far so good.  Another huge help has been on Twitter I'm following @OrchidCareLady and she's offered great watering advice. I think I was drowning my orchids I had before & didn't know you water em early in the day so they can dry out. 
           I'm also lending encouragement to @ukestarstraps on Twitter as she makes the most groovin ukulele straps you ever wanted to see. She's a little shy on Twitter,but does perform here & there with a Ukulele group.
           Speaking of ukes,I'm hoping to get a baritone for my upcoming b-day.  Being a guitarist since I was 11,I figure I know how to play one already. I'm ok on soprano but it requires effort on my part to do well melody wise tho I've memorized a lot of chords. 

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