Saturday, July 17, 2010

Introducing: The Gigulele Bag! ™

A co-worker recently asked if I would make a gig bag for her soprano ukulele- a pineapple one. First I tested one of the ones I was making with side handles. Thankfully,it fit! Then came out of nowhere a request. "Can you make it where I can carry it over my shoulder like a purse and perhaps put a drawstring closure at the top?" Hmmmm. I told her what I could come up with,but a drawstring closure was out of the question as it wouldn't work with batting. And it had to be Hawaiian print. Luckily,I had purchased a yard for a sweet deal online. It's not my fave pattern fabric,and I realised I had placed my personal taste ahead of the customers wants. As ukuleles are seen to be hawaiian,of course it should be in the coordinating print gig bag! So when I got home,I worked with my usual pattern & I had a thought-make it to where the uke goes in head first & place a strip of velcro across the top. It worked! She loved it so much the uke now stays in it's gig bag and she doesn't play it at all. (Something wrong with that picture) Well,thanks to her this is the new standard design and I had come up with a name for my gig bags but didn't want to use it till I got domain names for it. I call them "Gigulele bags". Rightdown catchy,isn't it? I also made this one:
         Both will be up for bid in my ebay store this evening. And I have more planned. 
I got an early b-day gift-a baritone ukulele! Went to a local store that was running a BIN on ebay. Dad prudently wanted me to play it first-good thing I did cause I didn't find the Lauren too hot or high quality. I got the floor model Savannah BU-200 at a discount because of "shop wear" ie little dings & scratches from being sampled by prospective buyers. Here tis:
   She's a beauty,and all for $50. Sounds great tho I need strings for it-I didn't realise the ones on there are as old as the hills-the lighting in this little store was by no means grand. Has great sustain and a very sweet sound. Good volume,action & feel. Been playing ren tunes,Irish music,Yule carols,and the next project will be TJB tunes. (for those of you younger than 40 that stands for The Tijuana Brass. Loved em as a kid & had no idea their videos are on Utube. I didn't know there was any videos of them at all!) Hopefully I'll have 2 of their songbooks by the end of the week.
    New books will be coming into the store soon-baritone uke & dulcimer books. Tinwhistles continue to be a hottie.

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