Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Better Business Bureau Likes Mandolin Babe's!

     Sometimes the Universe hands you an unexpected gift you hadn't even thought of asking about. In my case,it was a phone call last week from the BBB. I thought it was a phishing scam at first,so after screening the message,I looked the phone # up on a reverse directory.  Sure enough,it was a legit call. I called back,a little hesitant and curious as to what on earth made them call me.
     The BBB rep was kind,professional,and had a surprising bit of news-"did you know people have been contacting us asking about your company?" In truth,I hadn't. In fact,I had shut down some ad deals I had going because orders just weren't increasing & funds were getting tight. So this bit of news came as a pleasant shock. 
      So I joined up,and the rep further informed me "you have no complaints against you! Do you know how rare that is?" For that.I have an excellent rating with the BBB! I just wish I could place the badge on my Etsy store,but alas,they don't allow HTML.  
       Yesterday was a record breaking day temprature wise. In all the years I've had my cats,this was the first time I could see it was having a slight effect on Lightning. This was with having all the curtains drawn & fans running,aimed at the cats. Today,I'm grateful for mostly cloudy skies & much cooler temps. 
       I'm pleased to announce my handcrafted Strap Pals™ have been selling well! I've sold 3 this week. Very pleased about that. Hoping the wave continues. 

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