Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mandolin Babe's Becomes a Black Diamond Dealer

As in Black Diamond Strings! The company has been around since 1892 and meets all my requirements: the strings are made in the USA ,has a wonderful reputation,and there is no minimum wholesale order amount. I have an account with another manufacturer,but their min order was nearly $300,and that's something that's out of range right now. Black diamond also owns "Super-sensitive String" products which makes fiddle accessories & strings as well,so now I have accomplished my goal of finding a string supplier for banjo,mandolin,guitar & fiddle in addition to being able to supply rosin and accessories. I'm hoping to place my 1st order on Monday. I was directed toward sthis company when I received a purple fiddle I had won in an online auction. Inside was a box of fiddle rosin from this company,so I made an inquiry, and Tah dah!
     The pic you see above shows one of my hand knit rosin bags with the rosin I'll be carrying soon in my store. I made the pattern for the bag myself & have made another bag in olive green,and am currently knitting one in white. I use vintage buttons for that decorative finishing touch. I'm hoping to draw fiddlers that want more attractive accessories instead of the mass produced "survivalist" looking items they've been making due with (till now!) 
     The Etsy team I formed is gaining members,which is wonderful. Hoping business for all of us on the team starts growing thru a team effort. 
      I do need ladies to join my "Song & Season Spinnin Farmgirl Chapter" This is an online group,so location is not important. If you're an organic livin,nature lovin,traditional musician who honors the earth and all her wonders & wants to join up,please leave a comment on this post. This is a "Mary Janes Farm" Farmgirl group.

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