Thursday, January 27, 2011

Growth,Realizations and New Creations

     It's been an inner growth month for me-I've been reading Dr Wayne Dyer's book,"Manifesting Your Destiny",and it's proven to be one of those books that opens doors for one to look within & do needed "inner tweaking" Along with that has been what to do about my part time job pretty much going down to one day a week. While the business continues to grow & thrive,I have allowed myself to get locked into a pattern-$$ from the biz goes right back into the biz,and what I make from the part time job goes for personal expenses and sometimes also the biz if I need extra money to cover the expenses. 
    As I was reading and thinking this morning,as I often do in the pre-dawn hours,it suddenly occured to me that having ones own business means part of the money made is supposed to cover personal bills and whatnot. After all,isn't that the goal in being self employed?  I nearly wanted to giggle at this discovery-tickled with my own short handed vision. I'd gotten so caught up in my personal account lacking that it never dawned to me to start shifting some of the $$ from sales to cover my own expenses. At the same time,relief-I'm not as broke as my ego would have me believe,tho I'm still watching my pennies and "buying smart". This also opens the door of the possibility of leaving the job altogether,as I know I have outgrown it,and aside from the hourly wage,doesn't fulfill me in any way. I've also had to deal with not letting fears run me-it's amazing what fearful "what if's" can do to you and prevent you from making forward progress. 
     On the creative front,I had a helpful individual give some advice on the uke gig bags that I make-to start making them humorous. So I came up with the "Rocket Science" one here: 

    It's currently in my Etsy shop. I had made a 2nd frog gig bag for this helpful individual to buy,as he expressed interest and was outbid on the first one I had on auction. Imagine my surprise when I wouldn't "put myself on sale" and stuck to my price that he suddenly didn't think the gig bags were any good,and too expensive. He offered a pittance and wanted free shipping to boot. Well-I'm thankful to his suggestions and have dismissed the rest. The bags are now selling at $21 each. 
    The gig bags are about to go even more green! I discovered there's a quilt batting called "Quilters Dream Green" the batting is made of recycled plastic bottles-the ones that all too often go into the oceans,streams,and landfills. Every package of this batting I buy keeps those bottles from polluting the earth,and makes the gig bags more environmentally friendly. I have been using cotton batting,but I feel even better using this. I"m using up the last of the cotton batting as we speak,and I'll announce the first bag made using this wonderful recycled product. Yes,its soft and fine just as batting should be. So I'm really excited and pleased about this. 
     Other developments include making my own tags. Mary Jane's Farm had a spot in the latest issue on brand tags,old style looking ones,and After not finding what I was wanting for Mandolin Babe's I just received some wonderful unmounted rubber stamps to make my own design. I'll post a pic once it's made.                             


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Anonymous said...

Usng recycled bottles only delays the ultimate discard of the material into the environment. It still will have the same environmental effects of the petroleum base form which it is derived and the inorganic modifiers that act like hormones in mammals and other life forms. The cotton will decay into organic compounds over a much shorter period.