Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Distractions & New Creations

Well,I haven't been playing all of the instruments that I study,but the "distractions" have been important ones,like an increase in orders from the store-I've been busier than before Christmas packing up orders and shipping them out. And in the midst of all that,another idea for ukuleles sprang into my head. Dust covers. I make them for fiddles aleady,why not ukuleles? So I've been making these in a variety of prints:

from Betty Boop to space aliens,from jaguar prints to rock n roll,I've been making these an they've been selling! Placed a classified ad at and that seems to be working well. Easy to do,thankfully. 
     I redesigned the banner for my Etsy Store  and am very pleased with it. Collecting vintage photos of musicians has helped quite a bit. I'll be having a classified ad come out in fiddler magazine promoting the Etsy store,so I'm finally getting myself in gear. 
     I've been playing a lot of baritone & soprano uke lately,and sold one of the soprano ukes I've had for awhile-while it was a good instrument,it wasn't one of my faves,so in an effort to simplify,I placed it up for bid and got a good price for it.  
     Getting ready to do another crazy quilt ukulele gig bag-this one in a southwestern theme & in flannel. I also have some wonderfully wacky fabrics coming in for the gig bags-trying out some advice I received form a ukester who says players have a sense of humor,so we'll see. 
      I'm finishing up a 2nd bag in a frog print that seems to be popular. WIll be trying stitch witchery on the velcro I use as a closure as it plays with my sewing machine & not in a good way.    
      New uke books will be coming into the store-one that uses the "D" tuning which is considered to be the original tuning. It'll go nicely with the uke string sets I offer,which are made for a "D" tuning.                                  

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