Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy,Healthy,& Prosperous 2011,Everyone!

Here we are at the end of the year-already! Who knew? And as usual,I'm looking back to see what could I have done better,as well as projects for next year. Today is the day I hem a pair of jeans I got over a month ago. Funny how the holiday season seems to relax one into procrastination. I've been asked about New Year's resolutions and like most people,I don't keep them-in my mind once something is a "have to" my inner rebel seeks any excuse to get out of it. So I have decided to trick myself. Instead of the standard list of commands,I am doing a "What if I...." list. Which looks like:
"What if I started stretching,etc,3x a week?"  (notice the word "excersise" is forbidden!)
"                        " playing fiddle,etc 2-3x a week & not letting other things distract me?
"                        " keep track of finances on a monthly basis instead of saying "I'll do it but I have plenty of time" only to see it's the last day of the year?'
     So the experiment begins. It's more playful,more of a try it & see which of course will tug at my curiousity. Then I'll have to find out how it goes. Three items are enough for now.
      Christmas was groovin-I got a small Bodhran from my Dad,which means I can start drumming again as a meditation. I've had a whopping 18" bodhran forever that needs a new head on it,which I have. Problem is no matter what I do the thing won't go on right when I try applying the bracket & tightening them. So that one will be going on eBay as a "fixer upper" for someone more skilled than I to get into playing condition. But back to the new one I got-beautiful deep tone,a Walton's. Now I gotta dig up my tutorial books & get back to reading "Drumming the Spirit Alive!" a book on spirit drumming. 
      Yesterday was great as well. This house has been freezing the last couple of days,& my hand knit slippers just weren't cutting it as there's a chill on the floor. Wound up at a Sears outlet,and while slippers weren't on the shopping list I did come across a pair of Isotoners. In my size! (I have small feet which is a pain for footwear shopping.) In periwinkle with cute little embrodered flowers. For $6.00. Was $20. They keep the chill off the soles off my feet & I'm a happy camper! 

     My newest invention for uke-a dustcover that I need to get a catchy name for. I have two in my eBay store right now. I think they're swell! And-I finally finished this:

     That's a gig bag for my baritone ukulele-fully lined & padded-Now it has a safe place to be and I can take it places! (If you're wanting one for yours please contact me-I made a pattern for it) 
     Ads will be in Fiddler magazine for the Etsy store as it needs a bolstering. In the main store,I'm seeing tenor banjo books are in demand. Will be adding a few titles early next year as well. Set your goals and work towards them in 2011! And drive carefully tonight (or not at all if you're sipping bubbly!)


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