Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

   It's Christmas eve and I just had to include a snapshot of the tree this year! Got the bubble lights on it with decorations from childhood,along with more modern Hallmark ornaments & ones I had cross stitched in years past. The heavy rains have passed,thankfully,and we're back to sunny blue skies. 
   I got brave & opened a Utube account under the name "SherrieBariUkeDiva" as I figure if all those other folks can make video of themselves playing,then so can I. Videos forthcoming of mandolin,ukulele, & 6 string banjo playing. (fiddle will be later!) I can't believe how this month has swooshed by. I have a to do list while the college is closed which includes hemming & sewing. I've placed an ad in Fiddler magazine to promote my handcrafted musical accessories. 
    One thing I've learned this year is to start shopping for this holiday in spring-in case the budget gets extra tight like this year has been. 
    I'm grateful tho,for being able to make so many things for myself like slippers,neckwarmers,etc that my budget has been to tight for. Next years list will include adding things to my wardrobe like a new pair of rainboots,cowgirly boots,and starting the purchase of thermal wear. And maybe splurge on a cowgirl hat or two.
    My thoughts go out to all those who lost their homes in CA,AZ,UT,&NV due to the rains,floods,and mudslides. Of all the times of the year this had to happen,something about it happening during holiday season makes it all the worse.

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