Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stormy Weather Yet Full Of Cheer!

     Christmas is getting closer by the day. It's a little unusual this year as there's a series of big rainstorms upon us here,and Californians are not used to inclimate weather at Yuletide-rains usually hit in January-February. I don't think the outdoor lights will be put up due to the weather but thankfully I did get a new strand of colorful LEDs to go around the window. One or two more cards to be sent,packages are already out,But the decorating remains to be done. In a bag is new yarns I had purchased at my favorite crafts store to make myself a new cowl and fingerless gloves. I'll be doing that while watching football. Overall the universe has blessed me big time this month-I received the issue of "knit Simple" I wanted but thought my subscription had run out on,I found a wonderful 15% off entire purchase  online,(Good all Dec long!) in that trip I found the last ball of yarn in the right dye lot to finish a gift for a friend,I picked up a pair of reading classes in a bright see thru pink frame that I had my eye on the last 3 times I was there,and a batch of yarn in cheery colors for a cowl for myself. Biggest surprise is when I was checking my receipt to see how much I saved I saw that the cashier never rung up the glasses.
    I'm still working on carols for the baritone uke and have decided to self publish a book of them in tab next year as well as start arranging Irish tunes. Looks like baritones are the most neglected ukes of all as far as songbooks,etc.  

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