Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ahhhhh the colors of fall-the apricot tree in the backyard has leaves that are starting to turn,and there's a slight coolness in the air. I'm also thinking more about knitting & other projects I'd like to do for All Hallows & Yule. Currently I'm working on a shrug for myself-called a "nightingale" the pattern is from the '60s. I love those older patterns for their simplicity!
I'm getting a keen interest in churning my own butter and found a wonderful supplier for the supplies. Perhaps next paycheck or after the holidays (resolution for 2010-make my own butter instead of buying!) My mom had me make some using a small jar & shaking it till the cream turned into a lump of butter-the taste was wonderful-made store bought butter seem awful.
In the yard,(which has been neglected except for watering-it's been scorching out here) I'll be needing another 6 pak of marigolds for my cauldron pot (I got one of those med sized plastic cauldrons,drilled holes in the bottom,and it's now my Halloween planter-marigolds look fantastic in it-very festive and the proper colors. I'll post a pic here after the new flowers get planted in it.

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