Sunday, September 27, 2009

Richmond St Fair in El Segundo

Was yesterday and while I didn't plan to go,I did anyway. Very festive and family oriented fair-there was some live talent,one woman sang beautifully and played guitar. Lots of crafts,jewelry,clothing,and a couple of country decor stands. While there were lots of lookie loos,very little actual shopping was taking place-seems the economy has yet to pick up for the everyday citizen,including yours truly-tho I did buy a dusty purple beret that had caught my eye when I first started looking about. However,it would be fun to do next year-perhaps being a participant for either Mandolin Babes or if I could find other musicians to play with,we could do folkie sets. While guitars were abundant,no mandolins,fiddles,banjos or dulcimers were to be seen. It was beautifully cool overcast weather-towards the end of my visit I found myself drooling over this Mustang!

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