Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Finished Skirt!

Well I did it-thanks to my sister Farmgirls-I made a skirt from a pair of jeans! Went over huge at my place of work-(where the pic was taken) I'm starting to rip a 2nd pair to make another skirt. Not to mention I started knitting a washcloth using "Sugar & Cream" cotton yarn.
Got my teeth cleaned today-good grief my mouth was sore afterward-that chick really seemed to be scraping for all she was worth. Was somewhat drained for the rest of the day.
The weather is back to being HOT and I'll be sooo glad for Fall's coolness & slight chill. The yard needs work but it's just too broiling to even think about pulling weeds. So I sit in front of my fan & knit while drinking a cold glass of milk.

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