Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Blessed Mabon to All!

         The Wheel of the Year spins once more...and it's getting close to my favorite season of the year-Autumn. Cooler temps,harvest time,and the inner glow I get when this season comes into being-not that I don't enjoy Spring or Summer (till it get really hot that is) but there's just something about this upcoming season that I can't explain....but it's always special!
         A trip to Lowes always brings a surprise at the "last chance rack" (as I call it) for plants. I couldn't resist this lovely ornamental pepper plant. Hoping it's a prennial and not an annual. I have it up on a plant stand as it says touching the peppers & rubbing your eyes or moth can burn,I guess & I didn't want the outdoor cats getting into it. 

          The store has been busy and my other handcrafted store has been even more so. The ads I've been placing in Fiddler magazine has been good for the Fiddlebelle  shop as my fiddle dustcovers are being purchased & appreciated. Thank goodness they're easy to make. Been putting more rosin/polishing cloths up too. 


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