Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crazy Weather,Daffodils,and Banjoin'

   The weather here has been pretty crazy over the weekend-heavy rain,a windstorm with gusts of over 35MPH in my area. The rain was so heavy combined with the winds it sounded like someone was spraying my window with a hi pressure hose in the middle of the night.....and of all things a helicopter was flying outside.This was after midnight.....
     As you can see tho,Spring has it's beauty,too-these little daffodil bulbs have me burstin with pride-I got them 3 years ago in Lowes "last chance plant rack" where they were in a tiny metal container that I turned into a pincushion/notions storage tool for myself. It took three years,but they've finally bloomed!
    And I got my banjo armrest from Janet Davis Music,put it on myself and I now have a good,perfect playin condition instrument. Thankful I got this for such a bargain so many years ago. Banjo now stays in tune,is more comfy to play,and I won't be getting the head dirty. 
       In my banjo decor collectin,I found this salt shaker online & had to have it-isn't she cute? Wondering how old it is-she has a spot above my office desk. 
       I'm about to finally get into my leather crafting too-I have ideas of goodies to make to sell,and for myself as well. Been getting used leather stamps off online auctions for a song,and eventually I'd like to try making a banjo-guitar strap. For now,I'll stick with small projects.

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