Monday, March 12, 2012

Revamped the Blog and Ready to Write!

   Time goes so quickly! Last I recall I was watching the Rose parade,aware I had neglected this blog up to that point-but I felt I had nothing interesting to say,so I let it set awhile. 
    Decided on a new banner-you're probably noticing the sudden appearance of a banjo!
        I went with my Dad to the storage unit he has & he excavated the Peerless banjo I'd purchased in the early 1990's in another life. Sad to say the people closest to me then were a large degree of why I never got to learn-they were constantly tugging on my sleeve and I wasn't adult enough to set my priorities and say the magic word of "no". 
        I have a friend in MO who is learning banjo and fiddle as I am,and during a conversation with Dad,he asked me why I hadn't played my 5 string banjo. I told him I wanted to,but hated to put him thru the hassle as the boxes that blocked the path in the unit were too big & heavy for me to move. "No problem" he said and we went the next day. I restrung it & cleaned it up,and am presently studying out of a Wayne Erbsen book on Bluegrass banjo. 
        Planting has been happening here-I picked up 2 blueberry bushes and some pansies-the pansies are in my "pot o gold" planter on the porch and the blueberries are in pots in the backyard. I have red bell pepper seeds to plant as well as petunias.
        Sewing wise,I've went on a kick of purchasing vintage bandana patterns- and one has how to make a vest out of a pair of jeans. I've had a black floral pair for years that I had purchased & they shrunk too much so now in a sense,I'll finally get to wear them! I now have skirt patterns that use bandanas also,and I figure they'll come in handy for summer. 
        I cut several pieces of fabric today that were big enough to make yo-yo-s with. Now I'll have some stitching to do while watching tv or talking on the phone.  I can use these for countless items. They make wonderful embellishments and use of what would otherwise be scraps in a landfill.  So until next time, Ride high and balanced in the saddle!

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