Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And The Inspiration Keeps Flowing!

I gotta say I never knew there was so many handcrafty things I could make for musicians-and fiddle accessories seem to be the biggest catagory I get ideas for. You're looking upon a flannel bag I made to hold rosin. (I used a bag I already had & made my own pattern using scrap pattern paper) The flannel is "re-purposed" as it used to be a pair of my PJs. Very new flannel tho-the sewing job was so poor on these well known brand pjs that after 3 repair jobs of re sewing seams I realised I'd be better off to just start making my own. So this pair,after being all freshly laundered & softened,went into my fabric bag where I completely forgot about it. Yesterday,I was questioning as to whether I could make the bags out of cotton,tho flannel is a traditionally used fabric for this. While I stuck my hand in the over flowing bag and was groping for what I could find,out came the pajamas like a rabbit out of a hat. I was delighted! I had totally forgot I even had them. Best of all the plaid is an applicable to either gender fabric,and it assembled so easily. You can see my listing for them here and it should show at the top of the page in the new item slide show. I'm doing my best to give folks a chance to get away from the cheesy cheap mass produced imported items and start buying handcrafted,folky,made in the USA instead.

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