Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summers on it's Way!

And I'm finding myself enjoying the light half of the year more & more as I get older. Another amyrillis makes a beautiful display in the backyard-this is one of my favorites-gotta love the multi hues in the blossom! We had a good steady drizzle on Sunday night & on Monday for the first part of the day. Which means I need to get back outside & start weeding. 
If you asked me what colors remind me of summer,I'd have to say the good ol red,white,& blue. The 4th of July was always a special time when I was in grade school thru jr high. Seeing the fireworks show at the local park,lighting sparklers,moms fried chicken,it was just a time for celebration. But as I don't have a flag pole and seeing as the house is supposed to get worked on this year,meaning there won't be one for this summer, I found this cute piece of decor at my local Michaels & used the 40% off coupon I printed up. I 've always loved the look of bunting,tho I've never used real bunting in my decor scheme. Something for next year,I suppose! 
  Last but not least-I opened a 2nd store due to a deal Prostores was having. So do visit the Mandolin Babe's Flagship Store 
to see the new look with the wonderful looking cottage with the green door. I've linked it with the eBay store,which will continue to stay. Knowing how there seems to be just as many people who like eBay as don't,I figure I'd make both groups happy. 

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