Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photo Opportunities in the Yard!

I'm learning the hard way to take my camera out with me in the yard because I never know what I'm going to see while I'm out there. Top one is of one of Dads cactus' that bloom once a year-the shade of pink is gorgeous! 
       And then there's these Amaryllis that are just the most beautiful red you ever saw-there's a metallic sparkle to the petals-reminds me of nail polish! 

 Then there was this little guy (or girl?) I found today while whacking away at weeds. Didn't want to it to get hurt,so I gently nudged it up onto my gardening glove & walked it to the petunia pot on the porch. It liked the glove,so I took it off gently & went & got my camera. I couldn't believe how long it sat there,and it started warming up it's wings gradually. Dad was able to go get his camera & snap shots as well-until it flew away. The detail on the body is amazing-like little beadwork! 

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Anonymous said...

This is a Sphinx Moth (sometimes called a Hawk Moth).